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The key to the landing of basic medical couplet: medical information

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Medical Union refers to Regional Medical Union, which integrates medical resources in the same area. It usually consists of three level hospitals in one area and a medical union with two level hospitals, community hospitals and village hospitals. The purpose is to solve the difficult problem of seeing a doctor for the people, and build a diagnosis and treatment mode of graded medical care, rapid and slow treatment and two-way referral.

In October 9th, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council convened a standing meeting of the State Council to report on the progress of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals and the construction of medical consortium, and to ensure the health of the people by deepening the allocation of medical reform and optimizing resources and deploying further work on the national network of basic medical insurance and the direct settlement of medical treatment in foreign countries.

The conference clarifies that the next step of medical reform will be to improve the new mechanism of the public hospital, promote the construction of the medical couplet with the reform of the institutional mechanism, focus on the special key points for the treatment of the difficult and high incidence of cancer treatment, and solve the difficult problems by "Internet + medical treatment", and accelerate the promotion of medical service models such as telemedicine, appointment diagnosis and treatment, day operation and so on. And so on, four aspects to comprehensively promote the work of health care reform.

Medical couplet status

By September this year, all public hospitals in the country have all carried out comprehensive reform, and have gradually established a new mechanism to maintain public welfare, mobilize enthusiasm and ensure sustainable operation. In order to eliminate the price of medical service and rationalize the medical service price, the drug addition policy has been abolished for more than 60 years. The drug account of hospital income has dropped to 38.1% in 2016 from the beginning of the new round of medical reform in 2010, and the proportion of personal health expenditure in the total health expenditure of residents from 40.4% in 2008 to less than 30% in 2016 and two of 65% in 2016. In the public hospitals, the reform of medical insurance payment system based on disease payment has been carried out, and the patient's medical burden has continued to decline. The construction of medical couplet has made positive progress. Nearly 90% of the three level hospitals have participated in the Medical Union pilot and realized the mutual recognition of the results of the inspection and inspection of the same level hospitals. More than 80% of the residents can be hospitalized within 15 minutes, and the masses are more convenient to enjoy high quality medical services.

It is undeniable that in an ideal environment, the medical union can indeed realize the joint and resource sharing between different levels of medical institutions and improve the efficiency of the use of health resources. In the United States and Canada, there are similar cases of regional grading network. Therefore, what we need to do is to balance the interests of all parties and run the medical Confederation.

To achieve this goal, the first problem to be solved is what is the cohesion of the medical Confederation? That is to say, whether the interests of the relevant parties, including the government, the hospital, the medical institutions at the grass-roots level, the doctors and the people, all can be well satisfied.

The government wants the "strong grass-roots" to realize the grading diagnosis and treatment in the medical ecosystem and control the medical expenses; the large hospital needs a stable source of patients and the improvement of the medical service level; the basic medical institutions should improve the diagnosis and treatment ability and increase the medical income; doctors hope that their professional values are reasonably reflected and gain a long time. Far from career development, ordinary people most hope that the problem of difficulty in seeing a doctor and expensive medical treatment can be solved.